“Sometimes the only way is jumping…I hope you’re not afraid of heights.”

Saturday, October 29, 2011

A freakin' night to remember!

Last night Alex and I went to the Halloween party of the year...no ever!
Literally, this will probably be the biggest thing we have ever gone to!
People fly in from out of state to come to this party!

It was at a film producer's house--aka the biggest house I have ever seen in real life!
Think four stories with a home theatre, dance studio, "play room" with a stage and real performance lighting, flat screens in multiple rooms, balconies, a pool and pool house...yeah!
I would like to live there, thankyouverymuch!

So this is a private (guest list and all!), pirate-themed party and, man do they go all out!
Our friends that we went with said it takes about a month to set up everything!

First you walk in and there is all this stuff--projectors (the same ones they use at Disnleyland!) with ships and seas on them that look amazingly real, a ship with a talking stone girl at the head of it, a mausoleum with a ghost in it--I don't know how they did it, but it was sick!

There was also amazing decorations inside including a ghost head in a crystal ball that talked to you, a skeleton that played the piano, and not to mention they had actors, like Jack Sparrow, walking around and entertaining.

So funny story, we were walking by the pool and we see someone swimming and I said, "Is that someone swimming or do they have a freaking mermaid in their pool too?" I said it jokingly of course and the next thing I knew a mermaid swam up to us and started talking with us. So cool!

They also had a live "pirate band" that walked around playing and a professional photographer that would take your picture, edit it, and print it out for you! So fun! ...oh yeah, the food was catered, of course!

Here are some of our pictures:

Oh yeah, did I mention that besides all the scantily-clad middle-aged women--welcome to the Real Housewives of Utah-- flava flav, the "hid yo wife, hide yo kids", and Uncle Rico from Napoleon Dynamite were there? What!?

I mean they are D-list celebrities, but nevertheless it was sick and they were really nice!
Everyone was!

Well I hope you Friday night was as fun as ours! Have a Happy Halloween!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

the weekend

For those of you that DO read, Im sorry I havent posted in a while.
Things have ben pretty hectic around here!
...and by that I mean
school is kicking my trash!

But I'll soon pull in front and be victorious in the end (i hope).

So Saturday was busy busy busy!
In the morning, we went to some super fun homework in the library!
...and by that I mean super boring and super difficult homework.

But around noon we went to the first half of the BYU versus Idaho State football game.
It was a blast and our seats weren't that bad!

Then we went to the most adorable 1-year- old's birthday party that had a mustache theme!
Alex's friends Brad and Michelle really are the party throwers! ;)

To end the night, Alex and I went to a little Paris dinner party that my good friend John threw!
It was magical!
My pictures don't do it justice, but it was beautiful--the lights, the decorations, the weather, and most of all the people!
I loved getting to chat it up and relive fun and funny memories with my friends from "Oui Oui Paris"!

Hope you all are having a great week!
And that you'll have an even better Halloween weekend with lots of parties planned! Woo!


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

He is We

This was our first dance song at our wedding...and I'm very pleased with the video.

Saddest, but best video ever.


msp films ski premiere

Alex loves to ski.
He grew up skiing on Mount Hood in Oregon and did ski team in high school.
He also likes to do tricks...and watch people do tricks. haha

Kickin' it in SLC...thug mode, ya know? jk jk.

Like my Hunter Boots? :)

Sooooooo, every year since Alex has been home from his mish, he has gone to the MSP film company's ski movie premiere.
They release a film of the pros doing their thang at the beginning of ski season to get people pumped about the ski season that is about to begin.
People go and watch the premiere and they have pro skiiers sign posters and also have them give away some free ski gear.

It's pretty fun... especially if you ski. haha

This past Saturday Alex and I met up with Ben and Lindsey to go to dinner at Squatters, a pub and brewery that's very pro University of Utah, and then watch the MSP premiere.

We had a blast!
The food was pretty good, the theatre was right across the street so we could just walk across, and the film was epic.
Those pro skiiers in the film are definitely insane and slightly crazy.
But also really entertaining.

We had fun this weekend and hope you did too! :)

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Brandon Flowers--A Fire Still Burning

The lead singer of the Killers, Brandon Flowers, does a video for the LDS church:


Thursday, October 13, 2011

birthdays are the best

...because only on that day of the year do you
1) get six texts before eight am,
2) get presents,
3)get to throw parties
4) have people celebrate your birth
5) and have the WHOLE day all about you!

My husband absolutely spoiled me this year and I loved it!

To start the day, he woke me up singing happy birthday and holding a large, wrapped present with a bow on it!

Yep! I got my red Hunter boots and I am totally in love.
I even wore them yesterday and got several compliments from people I didn't even know :) EEEEE! (That's my high- pitched, happy noise!)

Then I walked out of our room, and Alex decorated the house with balloons
and a happy birthday sign. Just like my mom would have done.
Happy days.

He made me breakfast--waffles with Speculose and Nutella. Yum.
And I opened my presents--I got an ipod classic from my parents since my current ipod has issues (so happy), and a pair of Steve Madden Flats from Alex's parents. Love 'em!

After school, we went to Nordstrom's to look around and I bought yet another pair of boots with the money I got for my birthday--they're the Black Steve Madden Intyce Riding Boot.
I already have them in Cognac, but I wanted a black pair of black boots and these are definitely my favorite.

I am very happy with my purchase...although my mom is going to laugh because that means I got almost all shoes for my birthday.
I'm such a stereotypical girl!
...I don't mind. ;)

After Nordie's, we went out to my favorite restaurant--Happy Sumo and got Sushi. It has become a tradition and I'm loving it.
I can never get enough Sushi...it makes me miss Hawaii.

To end the night, we had a bunch of my friends come over for a little birthday party filled with music, cake, ice cream and FUN!

It was so good to see everyone that I haven't seen in a while--like my Paris peeps and Dave and Natalie (a couple we used to hang out with fairly often). I miss all of them.

Jaycee and Bill and Ben and Lindsey stayed over a while after everyone left and we just hung out...oh yeah, and the boys dressed up ;) haha

Thanks for the wonderful birthday everyone!! Love you all!


Sunday, October 9, 2011

sleepy hollow

Last night, we went and watched Sleepy Hollow at the outdoor ampitheatre here in Provo
...where we took some of our engagements.

Before we went to the play though, we had dinner at the Gibbons' household and Stacie made one of my favorite foods--homemade chili and cornbread!
It was so tasty and I was absolutely perfect for this weeks chilly weather.

The play was pretty good as well, but not what I expected.
For the people that know me, they know that I LOVE scary movies and Halloween is by far my favorite holiday (besides Christmas of course...Christmas trumps everything in life.)
So I was hoping for a frightening, bone chilling, scary play out of Sleepy Hollow,
but it was more like Pride and Prejudice with a little murder involved.
But that's ok, because it was a lot of fun still and a cheap date thanks to Groupon:)

We're gonna try a haunted hospital or something this month, and i'll let you know how it goes!
In the meantime, have a great Sunday!


Thursday, October 6, 2011

muds buds

I made muddies buddies.

Why yes, they are delish...and they are one of my favorites.
Favorite foods that is...

You can find the recipe on the internet. :)

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

birthday suit. (ew.) haha

pictures from last October on my birthday.

In one week it is my birthday!!
...yes, I will get into my birthday suit on my birthday. jk jk. HA!

I can't believe I am going to be 21.
Twenty-one...LEGAL! Wahoo!!

I think it's funny that a person can't drink, can't gamble, can't rent a hotel room, can't even rent a car until they're 21 (or 25 for car rentals), but you can get married before you 21 and it's no problem.
I just don't understand that.

Maybe society is saying people shouldn't get married til they're 21, but who gives a junk about what society says...they get a lot of stuff wrong.
So I'm not worried about it.

Anyway, last year my birthday was fantastic!
Alex brought me Kneaders french toast in the morning, and then in the evening we went to my favorite Sushi place in Provo...Happy Sumo!

When we came home, there was a surprise party waiting at my apartment!
I was truly surprised and it was a great day.
I love him.

I'm sure this year my birthday will be truly wonderful also.
...I mean, I'm getting Hunter boots and it can't get any better than that, right?!