“Sometimes the only way is jumping…I hope you’re not afraid of heights.”

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

maroon 5 is back

Maroon 5...I mean what is there to say about them?
They rock?
Yeah, they do.
But they went through a little phase where their singles kinda sucked...
like "I won't go home without you" and "Wake Up call"...
Ok. ok.
So that's an exaggeration...but I didn't particularly care for those singles.
BUT it seems that they have redeemed themselves with their two new songs (well, new to me)
1. I'm never gonna leave this bed
2. Move like Jagger featuring Christina Aguilera (whoa!)

Sorry for the lack of pictures and the embarrassingly large amount of youtube videos...this is what I do with my free time. haha
...But seriously...

Sunday, June 26, 2011

They look good, huh?

I cant even begin to explain to you how much I LOVE watching movie trailers. I could spend hours...in fact I just did...and I just found two new movies I'm very very very excited to see. Check 'em out, eh?

Man, after watching this second one...let's just say I'm so excited to get married to Alexander Joseph Nicholson. He is my once- in- a- lifetime- love :) Awww...ok sorry that was way too corny.

i like cheesecake

Yesterday we went to Cheesecake Factory for my dad's birthday dinner even though he doesn't really like Cheesecake Factory. (I don't know how that's possible?)
He's a good daddy because he wants to make his family happy even when it's his own birthday dinner.
Let me tell you, it was absolutely delicious! I ordered chicken picatta with capers and mushrooms and mashed potatos. Yummm!

(That is what we are having at my wedding as one of the entrees. yay!)




Then we got to discussing when we were waiting for our cheesecake (I got the Reeses cheesecake and man, it was heavenly!) what color my mom's eyes are. Hello!! They are totally BLUE, right?
But some of my family members begged to differ and said they were green. I dont think so.


I even had the waitress on my side :)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Last night, I received a warm welcome home from the fam. It was my dad's 42nd birthday so my mom surprised him with a birthday dinner at home--Hawaiian-themed of course with coconut cups in hand and pretty balloons dangling from the patio umbrella. It really was quite lovely and I enjoyed every moment of it. :)

It's been a long day, so adios!! xoxo

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Invitation picture?

you've lived here for five years and you haven't hiked the y?

So I'm back in the airport.
Story of my life, I know.
But it could definitely be worse, eh?

Notice how straight my hair is...I straightened it so it will look long. Oh how I missed my straightener. :)

Now, I have time to blog about last night--he hiked the Y.
It was steep.
It was long.
It was dark.
It was awesome!

We went with a friend of mine named Stacie and her husband Jared. They are a super cool couple that we like to have fun with when we get the chance. They might be moving away from Utah this summer, which makes me sad.
I hope Jared can only find a job here in Utah.
Ok ok. I would never wish that upon someone, but that would be grand.
Just dandy.

Fun fact: Stacie was my math TA this past fall semester and that's how we became friends. Epic, huh?

Oh yeah, in reference to the title of this little post--Stacie has never hiked the Y before and she has lived here for 5 whole years! What the?

And here they are--She and Him.
I think they like each other.
Just a little bit. :)

Sunday, June 19, 2011

soccer games and a perfect fiance

Last night, we went to a Real Salt Lake soccer game.
There were lots of ridiculous fans.
There was lots of beer.
I drank diet pepsi.
It was delicious...
(but not as tasty as diet coke).

Nice view, eh? haha

I think we're pretty cute, but then again I think Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are cute, too. Hmmmm I wonder what that says about me?

Did I mention that I have a perfect fiance? Early this morning he kissed me awake and brought me a delicious waffle with whipped cream and all!
He even topped it with some chocolate.
It was fancy.

Then he waited for her to get ready for church.
We were late.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

life is pretty good

I'm back in good old P-town and am loving it!
It's sunny.
I can run whenever the heck I want and not worry about being abducted...by aliens.
There are guys walking around in church dress on a friday afternoon.
...Oh i just love you Provo.
I can shop at Nordies again...new skinny jeans and a dress for the honeymoon both 50% off because of the semiannual sale? I think yes.
Oh, and a dollar is actually a dollar. Everything is so much cheaper here!
I have a soft, comfy bed to sleep on instead of a hard airport chair...I even have a pillow and some blankets. Awesome.
Two words: Red Box...and the movies are in English without subtitles! Wowee!
My hair is back to normal now that I don't have the hardest water on the planet soaking into my supah dupah sensitve hair follicles. And my lovely straightner is in my hand. oh yeah!
Karynn was so super sweet and made me chocolate covered oreos. A welcome home has never been this sweet. Yummmmmm!!

And did I mention I went to Cafe Rio with my best friends and fiance.
Or should I say perfecto...that's Spanish you know? ;)

Cafe Rio with some of the best people in the whole world!
Back in Provo!

new dress for the honeymoon...ow ow!

chocolate covered oreos. yum.

Friday, June 17, 2011

home is whenever I'm with you...

Oh yeah did I mention I'm on my way HOME as I type this little post...
I slept in the airport...again.
Well kind of.
No sleeping.
Just hanging out with the security guards who told me which bathroom was open,
the cleaning guy who took me through a secret elevator to get a secret subway sandwich--the only place in the whole airport that was open--
and some random people who watched my stuff when I was gone in the ladies' room while they were stranded here in San Fran, too.

Beginning of my night at the airport. 10:37 pm

End of the night. I even went in the bathroom to put on some makeup. Oh la la! I get to see Alex soon! 5:55 am

Great night. Just pristine.

But I did get to listen to some of my newly-acquired music. Do have a listen:

I'm obsessed.

How do people in Geneva afford food, clothes, AND shelter??

That's right, Geneva was SUPAH expensive!
So 1 franc is about $1.20, and a McDonalds meal that would be about $7 here in the United States was 14 francs...are you kidding me????
It's McDonalds people!
But anyway, welcome to BEAUTIFUL Geneva:

look at those puffy white clouds...


Cutest little baby bird ever...look at its' HUGE baby feet!

Yeah those are my favorite pants that have holes down below in them :( sad day...

One of the days that we were there, we went to my friend John's favorite Kebab place for lunch. He served his mish in Geneva and this is supposedly the BEST! We could only eat one meal a day in Geneva because we're poor, and let me tell you...so worth it! So delish!

This is what a Kebab looks like--it's kinda like a Greek Gyro with lamb and a white sauce and some veggies. So good!

Oh hey! Look at my international moneys in my international traveler's wallet!! Ooooo!

Then we went to the large Jet d'Eau. It is the largest fountain in the world at 450 feet high and it is simply lovely!

Look how clear the water is...crystal clear!

Then we sat and had a picnic...but without any food... because we couldn't afford it. :)

We saw the famous flower clock and this is it. I know... disappointing, right? I thought it would be way bigger and waayyyy cooler. Oh well! It still looks pretty, eh?

On Tuesday night, we went and had a group program dinner--a fondue dinner! So much cheese! After Olivia and I went on a run...not the best idea we've had. Haha

Last day in Geneva=best day in Geneva! We went to the equivalent of their "community pool" with three platforms, some docks, and swimming areas all over the place. It was so super fun! I loved every minute of it...even if there were people making fun of us when we screamed going off the platform. What can I say, it was really high!!!

Check out this guy sitting next to us in his pink speedo. Ew.

So fun, huh?

Look at how high the highest platform is...30 whole feet!!

Then to top off the best day ever in Geneva, I bought a swatch. A turquoise swiss watch that I L.O.V.E. Oh baby!!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

be jealous

This is a father-daughter duo and they are absolutely incredible!

Honestly, I think this song is finally becoming popular because of these two...

...oh and if you don't know this song, you should get on that because it's a great song. It's called Home...and guess what I go home is like five days!!!!
I can't wait to see everyone and get back to the good 'ole U.S. of A where food is cheap, bathrooms are pretty, and water fountains are accessible :)

Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Inspiration

Welcome to the inspiration board for the you know what...
It's in like 60 some odd days.
I. Am. Stoked.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Hiking in the D-A-R-K is my favorite

Another great day in Lyon.
This may be one of my new favorite cities.
Awesome. Awesome. Awesome. (name that movie...)

It was a museum day. Sigh. That means it was a long days for Maddi. Not because she doesn't like Museums...she just gets tired and grumpy from standing on her feet in one spot for long periods of time, especially when she doesn't eat anything. Brat, right? :)
Actually, they were pretty cool--a Renaissance and Printing Press museum.

Then we went on a walk.

We went on one of the coolest "mini hikes" yet. We hiked up to the top of this Gothic Cathedral and the view was absolutely goy-geous! There were a million and one stairs, but we all know how much I love stairs. Literally. It was at night too. Even better.

Sorry these posts are so short...but you probs like it that way bettah!
Ya know, less reading and more pictures. :)